UHF modulator for TV-signal from DVD-player or HDD-recorder.


Contrary to your old videorecorder most new DVD-players and HDD-recorders have no modulator for the TV-signal and therefore cannot produce a RF-signal to a TV-set without SCART-connector or a TV-set in another room.

Here is a possible solution

You can use a modulator from an old videorecorder or analogue satellite-receiver. I used a modulator, Samsung RMUP 23955FG, from an old satellite receiver (Triasat 4007).  Note that the two audiochannels are combined to a monosignal by the two 2.7k resistors and the videosignal is terminated by 82 ohms resistor. The system is mounted in a small plasticbox and is supplied from a small standard wallplug-powersupply. The modulator provides RF loop-through for existing TV-channels.


S. Heden, November 28, 2007      www.bindslevglel.dk